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All Creatures Great & Small - April 2017

Tate Adams  September 2017

Its all about Xmas 2017

All Creatures Great & Small  -  April 2017


Opened by:

Mr Damien Jackson

Business Manager

Museum of Tropical QLD


Tate Adams


1 - 17 September 2017

It's All About Christmas

Group Exhibition

24/11/17 - 17/12/17

Fantasy Gardens July 2016

T150 - Past in the Present  Sept 2016

Summer - Dec 2016

Fantasy Gardens

22 July - 14 Aug 2016

Suite of works by local artist Sonia Ward

T150 Past in the Present

Exhibition of heritage photos & paintings of current site by local artists.

Opened by Cr Les Walker

Summer - Nov Dec 2016

opened by Cr Colleen Doyle

Chair Community & Cultural Committee Townsville City Council

Tropical Encounters Dec 2014

Floral Bouquet Sept 2015

Reef and Rainforest Nov 2016

Tropical Encounters

28 Nov - 24 Dec 2014

Opened by Cr Ray Gartrell

Townsville City Council

Floral Bouquet

4 - 27 Sept 2015

Opened by Cr Jenny Lane

Townsville City Council

Reef and Rainforest Nov 2015

Opened by Malcolm Turner

Biologist, Marine Park Manager and

Expedition Lecturer

New to the Gallery

We have just received a number of fine art limited edition prints produced by the Arnhem Land indigenous artists.

Many of them are full of colour and depict various animals and waterholes. A sample is displayed on this page.

They all come with a Certificate of Authenticity are mounted ready for framing and shrink wrapped. Image size is approx 16.5 x 20.5 cm. Some of these will be displayed at the Seafood Festival Pop Up this Saturday 30 Sept.

Hope to see you there.

Tropical Exotics Dec 2012

Delights of the Tropics Dec 2013

Time of Falling Leaves Jun 2014

Tropical Exotics

30 Nov - 23 Dec 2012

Themed group show.

Delights of the Tropics

29 Nov - 24 Dec 2013

Themed group show by 13 local artists.

Time of Falling Leaves

20 Jun - 20 Jul 2014

Suite of paintigs: Sylvia's Art residency in New Norfolk Tasmania.

Christmas Nov 2010

Snapped Nov 2011

Scape Feb 2012

Christmas 2010

26 Nov - 24 Dec 2010

Christmas Show of small works.


4 Nov - 18 Dec 2011

Opened by Cr Jenny Hill

Townsville City Council


10 - 26 Feb

Opened by Cr Ray Gartrell

Townsville City Council

Be My Valentine  Feb 2010

Mums Day May 2010

Tropical Friday Sep 2010

Be My Valentine

12 Feb - 7 Mar 2010

Opened by Colin Edwards

Sweethearts Townsville

Mums Day

 7 - 30 May 2010

Opened by Amber Church


Perc Tucker Regional Gallery

Tropical Friday

17 Sep - 17 Oct 2010

Opened by Mary Vernon


Townsville Bulletin

In the Fast Lane July 2009

Keynote Capers July 2009

Christmas in the Tropics Dec 2009

In the Fast Lane

3 - 26 July 2009

Opened by Mr Tony Ireland

Chairman Steering Committee

Townsville V8 Event

Keynote Capers

28 July - 16 August 2009

Opened by Cr Jenny Lane

Chair Lifestyle &

Community Development

Christmas in the Tropics

December 6 - 24 2009

Opened by Frances Thompson

Director Perc Tucker

Regional Gallery